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All fees disclosed in advance, no surprises.

Court Filing Fees

Chapter 7: $335.00
Chapter 13: $310.00
There are additional fees for required counseling and education classes mandated by the Department of Justice, property and DMV searches and Credit Report retrieveal (generally less then $200.00).

Attorney Fees

Initial Consultation: No Charge

Chapter 7 Attorney Fees range from: $1250.00 to $3,500.00
Fees determined with regard to a client's real estate, tax issues, lawsuits, spouses or other complex matters.

Chapter 13: Chapter 13 fees can be billed hourly or client may select a flat rate charge of $5,000.00 (either method may be paid through the plan) Additional fees if stripping and discharging second mortgages in a chapter 13.
Chapter 13 flat rate fee includes representation through the chapter 13 plan to discharge (36-60 months). The flat rate fee is approved by the Court. Hourly charges over the course of the plan may be less or may be more than the flat rate depending on the specifics of your case.

Payment plans prior to filing the case are available and encouraged.

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